A fact-based approach to solving IT business problems and improving outsourcing relationships

Swingtide offers tightly integrated teams of experts. Our competitive advantage is in depth of service, combined with a commitment to a process that has a well-defined course that ends with tangible business benefits.

Where practical, we integrate client resources into each project team to leave organizations with self-sustaining knowledge and processes. To that end, most of our engagements end with some type of training or knowledge transfer.

We use a fact-based, detailed methodology that is customized to align with your corporate culture. We often build detailed financial models to support the choices from which the decisions are made. When benefits are identified, we offer approaches to make sure those benefits are realized over time.

While we benefit from well-developed methodologies, you benefit from our experience. We know that the solutions have to be customized to fit each situation. Swingtide doesn’t offer entry-level resources with cookie-cutter templates. We offer tailor-made solutions that are right for you and are delivered by experts.

Many elements of our methodologies were developed by analyzing and reverse-engineering problem situations. From failures come holistic solutions that can prevent problems from recurring.

Each engagement benefits from a holistic life cycle view.

Our Outsourcing Advisory Services address all phases of outsourcing — from evaluation, to sourcing, governance, invoice validation, SLA verification, dispute resolution, reformation, rebidding, termination, and repatriation. Read More »

Our Technology Business Advisory Services take a holistic view of the “other” functions performed in an IT department. We define Technology Business Operations (TBO) as the functions with IT Financial Management, Vendor Management, Asset Management, and Customer Management. Read More »

All our engagements include the right level of project management discipline for the job. When working with Swingtide you will always be informed of the schedule, forecasts, issues, and risks. We believe that communication is critical to the success of each engagement.

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Outsourcing invoices are often incorrect

Invest the time in validating your actual consumption each month. Make sure there aren’t extra charges for services that should have been included in the rate/base.

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