Who does Swingtide serve?

Swingtide clients typically fall into one of these categories:

  • Companies contemplating outsourcing, seeking to improve an existing outsourcing relationship, or wishing to get out of an outsourcing relationship
  • Companies trying to optimize their third-party contracts and spending
  • IT departments seeking to run like a business
  • Decentralized organizations trying to establish optimal shared services while maintaining business alignment
  • Companies facing the complex IT ramifications of mergers, divestitures or reorganizations

From a size perspective, our clients usually spend over $75 million per year in IT or have an outsourcing transaction with a total contract value over $10 million.

Within the organization, our sponsor is usually the CIO, CFO, IT CFO, law department, or sourcing organization.

Swingtide clients come from many industries, with the highest concentration in financial services, manufacturing, consumer products, and healthcare.

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Why does Swingtide emphasize getting out of an outsourcing deal instead of getting in?

Other outsourcing advisory firms front-load their services. Their emphasis is often the inception of the deal. At Swingtide, we emphasize the full life cycle of an outsourcing deal and how it fits into the context of your overall service delivery strategy.

Today, many people have experience getting into outsourcing deals and need advisors less frequently. Fewer people have been through contract expiration or termination and need advisors more frequently. We believe that the experience gained dismantling outsourcing deals makes us better at creating deals and managing the full life cycle.

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Where is Swingtide located?

Swingtide has corporate offices in Henderson, Nevada, and in St. Charles, Missouri, just west of St. Louis.  Swingtide consultants work out of their homes or at client sites. The largest concentration is in the Chicago area with consultants also based out of Missouri, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, and Florida.

Swingtide serves clients all over the world. The majority of our clients are in the United States, Europe, or Canada.

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What is the typical background of a Swingtide consultant?

The majority of our consultants have had senior jobs in IT departments at big companies. We believe that you are a better advisor if you have experienced the issues that clients face. All our consultants specialize in IT finance, technology, or sourcing. All must have a deep understanding of the disciplines that are not their specialty. It is this cross-understanding that allows us to operate high-performance teams.

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How do I get more information about Swingtide’s services?

Contact us with your questions or problem. We are always happy to set up a call to discuss how we can help and to give you some background about how others have dealt with similar situations. At no cost or obligation, of course.

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