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Dispute Expert Services

Swingtide offers consulting and expert witness services for law firms representing clients in outsourcing or technology contract disputes.

The complexity and size of outsourcing deals make it difficult for counsel to achieve a working knowledge of performance, metrics, governance history, consumption-based billing and other issues. Similarly, arbitrators and courts do not always have the background and knowledge necessary to decide these complex matters in an evolving industry.

As consulting experts in very large outsourcing and technology transactions, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to provide counsel with the background information needed to provide informed representation. As testifying experts we have the credentials to generate quality reports and experience to be credible witnesses.

Ideal for Companies

  • In outsourcing or technology disputes
  • Lacking a way to connect legal options with industry norms
  • Needing help to understand the operational implications of legal positions

Key Benefits

  • Strengthens legal and business position
  • Levels the dispute playing field with providers who have the inherent advantage of having been involved in numerous disputes
  • Relieves the burden of relying solely on internal technology resources

High Level Approach and Deliverables

  • Determined on a case-by-case basis

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Don’t confuse people transfer with knowledge transfer

Requiring people to remain “in role” doesn’t matter if the processes change or responsibilities are shared. Require documentation and a knowledge transfer plan.

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