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Swingtide consultants have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, information and lessons learned about IT outsourcing and Technology Business Operations. Please feel free to sample the lessons and tips found here.

Both IT outsourcing and Technology Business Operations are fast evolving fields in which ad hoc solutions have been applied with mixed results. We see many organizations frustrated by their experiences, disappointed with vendor performance, and otherwise dissatisfied with arrangements they entered into with great expectations.

Similarly, attempts to organize the IT function so that it supports the delivery of internal IT services in a way that emulates the transparency, flexibility and governability of services delivered by an external service provider have sometimes been frustrated by unforeseen and difficult-to-manage circumstances.

Our hope is that the information in this Knowledge Center provides insights into the way these problems have been framed and solved by others. Also, we hope that the tips and lessons we offer serve to help IT executives conceptualize sourcing and business problems in a way that leads to improved outcomes.

Information in the Swingtide Knowledge Center, including the white papers in the CIO Monograph Series, conference presentations, tips, and lessons, are available to all without registration or the extraction of information. Our goal is to disseminate useful information as widely as possible, without restriction.

If you have any questions you would like to submit something to be added to Swingtide FAQs or Tips, please send them for consideration to info@swingtide.com.

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Vendor management skills are different than technical management skills

Corporate IT is evolving to be a vendor management function. It requires a deep understanding of contracts, finances, and technology – not doing the work.

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