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Technology Business Operations (TBO) Lessons & Tips

Focus on total costs more than soft benefits in your business case

Too many business cases forget the overlapping costs of delivering service during a change, ignore the impact to supporting organizations, and rely on soft benefits.

Don’t let the costs of your chargeback system outweigh the benefits

Demand management requires understanding how consumption is tracked and charged — but don’t create layers of checkers checking checkers.

Know whether you realized your benefits

Business cases are great decision support tools but need to be monitored to see if the assumptions were accurate or the benefits realized. Track and manage variances.

Vendor management skills are different than technical management skills

Corporate IT is evolving to be a vendor management function. It requires a deep understanding of contracts, finances, and technology – not doing the work.

Align all costs and resources with a service delivered

You will be surprised how much is spent on low-value, non-service-related activities. Understanding the true cost of each will drive the right behavior.

Clean up after every organizational change

Acquisitions, divestitures, and re-organizations present opportunities to save money by optimizing your third party relationships and eliminating low value services.

Software audits are on the rise

Don’t be caught without an understanding of what you are using and entitled to use. Software management both minimizes exposure and can reduce costs!

Subsidized charges drive bad behavior

Align costs with consumption to gain visibility to the true business value of IT spend. Cross-subsidizations will ultimately be exposed and cause problems.

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