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Outsourcing Bill Audit Services

Swingtide provides an outsourcing bill audit service. Outsourcing invoices are complex and often include errors. Industry sources have estimated that over 80% of outsourcing invoices are wrong. Errors typically come in the form of inaccurate billing for the consumption of resource units, taxes, additional charges for services that were included in the base fees, or missing credits. Metrics are difficult to validate, and most underlying data, even if supplied by the service provider, is neither scrubbed nor analyzed.

The Swingtide Outsourcing Bill Audit provides a multi-disciplinary review of the contract terms, resource unit descriptions, actual consumption, service level credits, and invoices. It often results in significant claims for the return of erroneous charges. The audit formally documents positions to be raised through the existing governance processes. Swingtide will assist with the negotiation of the issues all the way through resolution and leave you with an invoice validation process that will identify issues in the future.

Ideal for Companies

  • Lacking the resources or skill sets to devote to a detailed billing analysis
  • Unsure about the accuracy of invoices and unable to validate them
  • Unfamiliar with technical outsourcing billing issues such as computation of service level credits, definitions of resource units, or taxable services
  • Not receiving the intended benefits of outsourcing

Key Benefits

  • Accurate payment for the services contracted and received
  • Creation of a stronger fiscal footing for outsourcing relationships
  • Development of fair, fact-based billing dispute resolution
  • Potential for significant cost savings
  • Recapture of base case expected benefits
  • Objective third-party analysis and negotiation to avoid poisoning key relationships

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by understanding the current billing issues and review the contract, invoices, supporting documentation, and the service level and other credits
  • We then identify and investigate billing and credit issues, including the validation of actual consumption
  • When issues are verified, we document the claims for informal and formal dispute resolution and proceed as far as needed until all issues are closed
  • Along the way, we identify cost savings or improvement opportunities, including demand management and contract clarifications
  • Finally, we establish or modify the invoice validation processes to identify and minimize issues in the future
  • The result: resolution of invoice issues that result in paying for services contracted and received, along with invoice validation processes

The Outsourcing Bill Audit Services overview provides more detail on this offering.

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