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Outsourcing Governance

Swingtide offers a comprehensive suite of governance services that include contract administration, contract training, obligations tracking, service level validation, billing administration, dispute management, and reporting. This offering shifts the administratively burdensome aspects of relationship management to expert resources focused on contract compliance, benefits realization and service improvements. Customized scorecards report service provider performance and inform management of the critical elements of the outsourcing relationship in an intuitive format. Swingtide will set up this function and train your resources or perform the function for you.

Ideal for Companies

  • Lacking resources to devote to contract governance
  • Without extensive experience governing outsourcing contracts
  • Seeking a governance process that is easily socialized, repeatable, and produces predictable service provider behavior

Key Benefits

  • Receive the services you contracted for
  • Improved management visibility to the state of outsourcing relationships
  • Solid data to serve as future negotiating tool
  • Provider performance improvement without recriminations
  • Validated compliance, service levels, and invoices
  • Better understanding of contractual obligations of both parties

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • Depending on where you are in the process, we will assess and improve your current governance roles and processes, or we will build them
  • We come with proven processes and templates that can be customized to meet your organization and relationship
  • If needed, we will assist in the development of required governance tools or facilitate a review and selection of tools available on the market
  • If a new outsourcing relationship has been entered into, we will begin by developing contract summaries and facilitate training to all stakeholders
  • The result: an effective governance function that will allow the proper management of your outsourcing relationship and assure you get what you contracted for

For some additional thoughts on effective governance, review the Bringing Governance Upstream: The T-Minus Deal Approach white paper.

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