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Outsourcing Health Check

Swingtide offers an Outsourcing Health Check to improve or change an existing outsourcing relationship. We assess and validate the current objectives, service delivery performance (including service levels and the state of any required transformation), contract structure and understanding, governance, issues, invoices, and benefits realization models. This assessment provides short-term and long-term recommendations to align and improve the relationship in the context of current needs and actual performance. A Heath Check is often performed when the client is unhappy with the relationship or in anticipation of contract expiration.

Ideal for Companies

  • Looking to improve their outsourcing relationship
  • Seeking a change in an existing relationship to align with new objectives
  • Not currently realizing the benefits anticipated from outsourcing
  • Disappointed with provider performance
  • Needing a dispassionate decision methodology to assess options in an unsatisfactory relationship

Key Benefits

  • Restructured outsourcing relationship
  • Improved service provider performance
  • Actionable information to aid decision-making processes
  • Basis for exit planning

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by reviewing the current state of the relationship based on actual results (including governance, issues, service delivery, other obligations, charges, the contract and amendments, the original objectives, and the benefits realization models)
  • Optimally, we interact with both the provider and the client to collect and validate all the issues between the parties. We also identify changes that have occurred to the objectives, requirements, or capabilities since the contract was signed
  • Throughout the process, we identify any immediate improvement opportunities (“quick hits”)
  • We then synthesize the findings and generate a report that identifies short-term and long-term suggestions in the areas of governance (including reporting and training), service delivery, contract clarifications or modifications, charges and invoicing, and planning for expiration or termination
  • The result: a roadmap to improve or change the relationship with tangible short- and long-term actions. Typically, an output is also an exit plan if the expiration of the contract is within two years

The Outsourcing Health Checks and IT Sourcing Wellness white paper provides additional details on this process.

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