Service Management

Swingtide helps companies develop all aspects needed to implement the business elements of service management. At the end of the project, the client will have the critical tools, processes, and roles to “run IT like a business.” This offering includes the development of a chargeback service catalog (including the definition of services, creation of cost pools, and establishment of the capture mechanisms for consumption, among other things), definition of roles (such as service manager or billing specialist), and implementation of processes (including work intake and forecasting).

Many elements of the Service Management offering are described in more detail as part of The IT Business Center of Excellence presentation that was given at an Information Technology Financial Management Association conference.

Ideal for Companies

  • Wishing to implement a shared services structure
  • Improving IT alignment with business
  • Reducing or redirecting IT spend
  • Confronting global transfer pricing tax issues
  • Divesting or acquiring businesses

Key Benefits

  • Align costs with consumption, enabling better user decisions (demand management) and business analysis
  • Focus resources on activities valued by businesses and eliminate wasted spend
  • Enable more standardized solutions and economies of scale
  • Establish processes and measurements to assist in prioritizing activities, benchmarking, and managing and sustaining improvement activities
  • Improve IT’s contribution to overall business profitability (whether service delivery is internal or external)

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by collecting requirements and establishing the future state for:
    • Services delivered
    • Charging metrics
    • Tools (for reporting and capturing consumption)
    • Roles (e.g., Customer Relationship Manager, Service Manager, etc.)
    • Processes (e.g., work intake, forecasting, etc.)
    • Transfer pricing agreements
  • Then, we discover your current state and perform a gap analysis
  • Last, we implement all the elements of the solution and develop a roadmap for future improvements
  • The result: new roles, processes, an implemented chargeback service catalog, and all the necessary tools in place to begin running like a business


The following represents a service management maturity model:

Technology Business Advisory Overview


Maintain flexibility when soliciting outsourcing proposals

You will get a better solution if you let the provider sell what it can deliver. The different bidders’ proposals can be normalized to help you make the best choice.

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