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Sourcing Options Analysis

Swingtide offers fact-based analysis of the options that lead to the right sourcing decision. Deep dive discovery processes, baseline development, and future state requirements definition support a comprehensive “status quo versus future state” financial analysis.

The options analysis and business case provide the foundation to make the right decisions throughout the process. The detailed financial models begin with the current state and reflect all costs, including the often-forgotten service overlap and fully loaded transition. Financial models support rigorous and comparable analysis of a full variety of sourcing alternatives. A broad solutioning process marries client requirements to the best internal, market and hybrid alternatives of services and service levels. The process ends with a comprehensive business case and transition plan that supports the final, ready-to-implement recommendation.

Ideal for Companies

  • Considering outsourcing or insourcing (repatriation)
  • Needing a compelling financial model of their environment to support strategic service delivery decisions

Key Benefits

  • Offers fact-based decision support process
  • Documents current state services and volumes
  • Provides the basis for understanding the total costs of operations
  • Creates actionable recommendation

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by developing a comprehensive baseline that reflects the current state (including costs, volumes, and service delivery)
  • Throughout the process, we identify any immediate improvement opportunities (“quick hits”)
  • We then work with the client to document future state requirements and perform a gap analysis between current state and desired future state identifying all elements of the current state that should change, remain, or be added. This includes: technologies, services, processes, terms, pricing metrics, governance models, sourcing preferences (in or out), etc. If outsourcing is selected, the outputs from this phase form many elements of the RFP
  • The result: A comprehensive business case with detailed assumptions and a transition plan that supports the final, ready-to-implement recommendation

Outsourcing Advisory


Outsourcing invoices are often incorrect

Invest the time in validating your actual consumption each month. Make sure there aren’t extra charges for services that should have been included in the rate/base.

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