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Technology Business Advisory Overview

We believe technology business management is one of the most important issues facing CIOs today.

  • IT spend is high and often misunderstood.
  • Cost-cutting pressure continues.
  • Business alignment is lacking.
  • The users don’t feel they can control costs.
  • Short-term decisions have long-term impacts that are not fully understood.
  • Money is spent on things with little value, leaving no money for investment.
  • Vendor management is fragmented.
  • Compliance issues are increasing.
  • Software audits are on the rise.
  • Budgets become a function of last year, and forecasts are unpredictable.
  • Acquisitions and divestitures complicate matters.
  • Technology can be purchased by anyone, and new solutions are changing the way things are bought and managed.
  • Certain support functions (such as IT finance and sourcing) may reside in different organizations.

CIOs today have to answer to a lot of people. They are heads of a business, and they serve a business. In order to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities they need to have a lot of information that is often difficult to obtain.

Although the IT department is still relatively new from a corporate historical perspective, it is easy to understand the core functions of IT. The CIO needs to develop and maintain business applications along with supporting the data centers and equipment that run those applications. The CIO also needs to support the end users by providing personal computers, phones, tablets, and other devices. Everything needs to be connected through the internet or other networks, and it all has to work all the time.

The functions needed to support the core IT business are less commonly understood. We define these “other” functions as Technology Business Operations (TBO) and include the following:

Swingtide specializes in Technology Business Operations. We believe that to successfully deliver these functions you need a thorough understanding of IT, finance, and sourcing. That is what we offer.

We have helped clients in all facets of TBO. We have helped them set up these functions, performed these functions, implemented processes and trained staff, and executed TBO projects. Benefits that have been realized include:

  • Significant realignment of costs from low-value to high-value spend
  • Cost reductions through optimizing (i.e., consolidating, renegotiating, rationalizing) third-party contracts and services
  • Established a chargeback service catalog that facilitated the consolidation of the IT function and created a shared service
  • Successfully resolved software compliance audits
  • Successfully resolved third-party and internal disputes
  • Improved controls to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Established a transition services agreement to facilitate a divestiture
  • Found ways to capture significant cost savings throughout the IT department (for approaches and tips to findings savings, take a look at the Swingtide IT Cost Reduction Guide available here)

Some of these offerings are highlighted in the Technology Business Advisory section of this site. In these pages we identify the offering, profile the companies that might benefit from the offering (“Ideal for Companies”), list some of the key benefits, and offer some comments on the high-level approach and deliverables. Some of these pages include various presentations from conferences or references to white papers. We’ve also included some frequently asked questions and tips to help you improve your technology business operations.

We hope you find this information useful and will call us if you have needs in the Technology Business Advisory area.

Technology Business Advisory Overview


Software audits are on the rise

Don’t be caught without an understanding of what you are using and entitled to use. Software management both minimizes exposure and can reduce costs!

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