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Technology Business Assessment

Swingtide offers companies a rapid assessment of the state of their technology business operations TBO (see technology advisory overview for a list of functions included within TBO). We provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of the TBO functions from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This offering includes an actionable assessment of the current state with identification of delivery gaps, compatibility issues, and areas for cost, operational, process, and relationship improvements. This offering rapidly provides a platform to address short-term issues, develop strategic operational roadmaps, and support future IT decisions.

Ideal for Companies:

  • Needing to rapidly evaluate the people, processes and tools supporting technology business operations.
  • With a change in IT leadership (new CIOs)
  • Trying to understand IT costs and realign them to current business requirements
  • Desiring to move up the technology business management maturity curve
  • Prioritizing improvement activities to maximize value

Key Benefits

  • Focused technology business improvements to maximize value
  • Understanding of organization, process, tools, and people
  • Ability to focus resources on activities valued by businesses and eliminate wasted spend
  • Helps with prioritization of IT investment decisions
  • Self-fund technology investments and operating improvements from existing budget levels
  • Clean-up operations: take out unneeded licenses, circuits, assets; eliminate excess capacity to align with current business needs

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by reviewing your current state, create a roles and process inventory, and identify immediate improvement opportunities
  • We elicit requirements regarding the future state which includes the identification of organizational inhibitors and budgetary constraints
  • Next, we perform a gap analysis of the current state against the requirements and common practices
  • We then develop and interpret findings for compatibility, improvement and service gaps
  • Finally, we create a short-term and long-term action plan with financial justification for each change
  • The result: an understanding of the state of the technology business operations and a detailed roadmap to improve

Technology Business Advisory Overview


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