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Technology Business Process Development

Swingtide can assist companies in establishing a high-functioning IT organization by applying the principles of its technology business operations organizational design. This offering includes the development of a detailed future state organizational design, processes, roles and prescribed coordination among roles.

Many elements of the Technology Business Process Development offering are described in more detail as part of The IT Business Center of Excellence presentation that was given at an Information Technology Financial Management Association conference.

Ideal for Companies

  • Improving or implementing technology business operations
  • Assessing the efficiency of IT operations
  • Wishing to improve IT alignment with business

Key Benefits

  • Ability to implement an efficient structure that supports governing IT operations – low bureaucracy, high value
  • Focuses resources on activities valued by businesses and eliminate wasted spend
  • Improves IT’s contribution to overall business profitability

High Level Approach & Deliverables

  • We start by reviewing your current state, create a roles and process inventory, and identify immediate improvement opportunities
  • We elicit requirements regarding the future state, which includes the identification of organizational inhibitors and budgetary constraints
  • We then propose and validate with you the future state standards for the processes, tools, roles and required coordination among roles
  • Last, we prepare a complete IT Business Guide for the future state that provides a proposed new organization, roles, and processes along with a business case to support any proposed changes
  • The result: Technology business processes that will establish or improve your TBO function

Technology Business Advisory Overview


There’s no magic — understand how you get from current to future state

Most outsourcing deals describe a future state but don’t clearly explain how to get there. Include a detailed transition and transformation plan in all contracts.

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