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We help organizations with outsourcing and technology business challenges.

Our History

Swingtide, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a venture capital-backed software company. In 2004, Swingtide shifted its focus away from software to advisory services supporting the CIO. Initially a multi-disciplinary advisory firm, Swingtide has evolved to address specific needs of today’s CIO.

The current company began as the IT Optimization Practice in early 2005 and has grown to be a trusted advisor to companies dealing with outsourcing and technology business issues. Swingtide consultants are based across the United States, with the largest concentration in Chicago, Illinois.

The Swingtide Team and the Evolution of our Methodologies

Swingtide’s high performance team of financial, sourcing, and technical consultants pre-dates Swingtide, Inc. For nearly twenty years, the team has worked together solving technology business and outsourcing relationship problems.

Our solutions were initially developed out of necessity and challenges faced when we were in the client chair. From there, we have evolved these Swingtide methodologies through many different experiences over the years. The result is proven methodologies and solutions that address today’s problems.

Solution Set

We have expertise in two areas – outsourcing relationships and technology business operations. But are they really two?

The skills required to successfully establish or implement an outsourcing transaction are quite similar to the skills required for the business management of an IT department. Unfortunately, in many organizations today, these skills and disciplines are not tightly integrated, and problems arise.

Whether outsourced or insourced, you need to know the costs, define the services, and understand the service quality of IT. You also need to manage third parties while complying with contractual provisions and regulations.

At Swingtide, we help clients by integrating the financial, sourcing, and technical disciplines in the solution of each problem. You may face these complex problems once or twice; we address them every day.

Swingtide is grounded in fact-based financial analysis in all our solutions. We have a keen awareness of the full life cycle of issues and relationships. We help you understand the short-term and long-term effects of the challenges and solutions you face, and we help you avoid costly pitfalls.

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All outsourcing contracts expire

Be prepared for this certainty with an exit plan that guides your actions and preserves your options. It is never too early!

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